L’Éveil du printemps texte de David Paquet d’après l’oeuvre de Frank Wedekind dans une mise en scène de Olivier Arteau. Le spectacle sera présenté au Théâtre du Trident (janvier-février 2023) et au théâtre Denise Pelletier (janvier-février 2024).

Photo : Stéphane Bourgeois

SEYMOUR by Anne Lepper, directed by Katharina Stoll, was presented only in German in June 2022 at the TD Berlin. The show is produced by the feminist Berlin collective Glossy Pain. With Claude Breton-Potvin / Massiamy Diaby / Riah Knight / Diana Marie Müller / Nils Eric Müller/ Sebastian Pircher

BANG! was presented at the TD Berlin in June 2021. The play was shown again at the PATHOS in Munich in December 2021 and at the TD in January and April 2022.

The play was written in collaboration with British singer Riah May Knight, German director Katharina Stoll, German playwright Angelika Schmidt and Canadian actress Claude Breton, and produced by the Berlin-based Glossy Pain collective. It is therefore an international and multilingual co-production, in German, French and English, with German and English subtitles. « This production doesn’t stop at the status quo… one of the best things about this evening is how honestly it questions the status of women. » (RBB Berlin Review/ Premiere TD 2021).

BANG! takes a fresh, honest and sexy look through the feminist kaleidoscope, baring witness to the bewildering challenges of 21st century sexual politics. Created from a collage of personal texts, original songs and videos, this trilingual piece reveals the ideological parallels between the anti-feminist, racist and fascist movements of the Alt Right, #TradWives, Pick-Up-Artists and Incels, whilst asking how women can free their eroticism from the clutches of patriarchal power.


Still Life was presented at the OFFTA and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the C Venues 2021.

Still Life is an in situ theatrical performance combining movement, text and video, featuring two women and two couches in two different cities. One in Berlin, the other in Montreal, the two performers unite through the magic of video to create a clumsy and crazy choreography. In a seemingly banal and mundane space, a surreal universe appears to offer a comical and absurd look at the world around us.

Claude and Chantal are both actresses who graduated from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec. In addition to performing in several plays, they develop their own projects in writing, stage design and dance. Claude is interested in immersive theatre, physical performance and festive art, while Chantal writes fairy tales that mix intimacy and fantasy. Together, they explore how the simple and the mundane can turn into joy and transcendence.

Still Life the short film was also presented at the Rendez-vous Québec cinéma 2021. With : Claude Breton-Potvin & Chantal Dupuis, Director : Anne-Marie Sylvestre , DOP : Guillaume Langlois.